About Us

Vision FM radio station is a non-profit organisation licensed in accordance with the prescripts of the Broadcasting Regulatory framework of South Africa through the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA). The radio station has been licensed to serve the communities within the Mopani District Municipality. The radio station has been licensed under the entity called Don’t Blame God Ministries, Registration Number: 2007/005761/08.

Vision FM is the first Christian Radio Station in Limpopo. We broadcast from our building on 88.5 / 101.7 MHz in Mopani District Municipality, situated in Greater Tzaneen Municipality at Nwamitwa, Mbhekwana 0871. Broadcasting since 30 March 2017 and is a 24/7 hour radio station.

Vision FM “The voice of hope”

Why is called Vision FM
The reality is that; a Vision inspires, directs, motivates and practically guides every person to live life with a purpose that will lead in setting goals, objectives and making best decisions, because life without a vision and purpose is meaningless.

We play different types or genres of Christian music, and we also play some of traditional music with the message of encouraging and building moral fiber and the spirit of Ubuntu.

The Voice of Hope and Source of Knowledge

FREQUENCY: 88.5/107.7 MHz

To restore hope within our communities by building a responsible society through the radio programmes that we offer encouraging good morals, humanity and faith to our listeners.


To expand our contribution to the development of our society by empowering and impacting knowledge to the people. We want to see our people empowered and enlightened living their daily lives striving to be better people for themselves and for other people around them.

LANGUAGES:Vision FM make use of three languages whereby we make use of 50% Xitsonga, 40% of Sepedi and 10% OF English with a content that is 65% talk and 35% music

DEMOGRAPHICS: Mopani District Municipality covers 354 rural villages and 16 urban areas with a majority of Xitsonga 44.3% and Northern Sotho 44.9 speakers.

ADDRESS: Tzaneen Mandlakazi Village Adonai Street 40329


    The radio station has been established by the licensed entity for the following amongst others:

  • To provide motivational content for the betterment of the community members within the coverage area;
  • To educate and teach the community members about ethical behaviour;
  • To inculcate good manners to young and old based universally accepted human values.
  • Planting a seed of respect, loyalty, honesty, love, charity, care, the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation amongst the young and old
  • To promote and pursue justice for all people as we are all equal before the law
  • To correct the oppressors and defend the rights of the fatherless by taking up the cause of the orphans.
  • To excel in advancing good morals ethical behaviours and basic human values that contributes to nation building and prosperity
  • To provide a platform for discussion of topical and relevant issues to the community within the coverage area and foster social
  • To provide access to training and development for students and unemployed youth within the coverage areas;
  • To facilitate community outreach with member organisation; and
  • To ensure participation at all levels of the station and maintain the highest standards of organizational excellence in terms of
    governance, management and administration of the station